An Established Beauty Brand That Offer
More Than Just Services
We Deliver Professional Expertise, Integrity
and Satisfactory Results

Established since year 2002, TOUCHE Elite faithfully adheres to its belief and mission to be a professional and reliable brand to offer optimal medic-aesthetic results with utmost Integrity and Professional Expertise.

TOUCHE Elite is for the modern, confident woman who values quality and credibility while seeking visible results. TOUCHE Elite strongly advocates professional and ethical methods that are effective and reliable for women; delivering joy and confidence to each individual in a professional and beautiful way.

Supporting our customers’ beauty, joys and confidence with our professional expertise is our commitment.

Currently, TOUCHE Elite has three strategically located medic-aesthetic centres in Singapore.

Our Proprietary Medic-Aesthetic Treatment Protocol:

C.S (Clinical Solution) Skin & Body System

C.S (Clinical Solution) Skin & Body System is a result-oriented medic-aesthetic treatment system developed by our dedicated team of qualified beauty experts of our R&D Team led by our co-founder, Dr Eileen Lee. C.S (Clinical Solution) Skin & Body System is the success formula embraced and trusted by our customers all these years, to deliver the ultimate results they need and desire.

Our Sustainable Human Capital Competence:

ISO/IEC 17024:2012 Standard Certified Personnel

Our skilled beauty specialists are professionally trained to conform to the renowned C.S Skin & Body System, and further assessed by International Personnel Certification (IPEC) Bureau; in compliance with ISO/IEC 17024:2012 for Human Capital Competence in Skill & Knowledge Proficiency in Beauty Science, to deliver a high standard of professionalism, to offer uncompromised expertise to its customers.

Our Exclusive Trademarked Medic-Aesthetic Products:

ABSOLUTÉ Skin and Body Series

A comprehensive range of premium skin and body care products tested under stringent dermatological controls and standards approved by Singapore’s Health Science Authority.