Hair Removal
Hair Removal System

TOUCHE™ adopts the renowned Clinical Solution Treatment Protocols in our hair removal system to assist individuals with various beauty concerns and frustrations that have impaired their confidence, general well-being and inspirations; to help them achieve their beauty desires in the shortest time period.

Clinical Solution (C.S) Hair Removal System triumphs in the synergistic collaborations of advanced medic-aesthetic technologies in both diagnosis & customized treatments, with the natural healing and pampering of nature; performed by the sincerity and integrity of our clinical specialists. We aim to identify your primary and secondary problems and concerns to provide effective solutions to repair, rejuvenate and enhance your total beauty & wellness.


  • ADV PPx+TM Permanent Hair Removal System
  • PhotoDynamic (PTF) Hair Removal Treatment
  • Selectif™ PRO Derma Hair Removal System