C.S Body Treatments

C.S Body Treatments adopt the renowned result oriented C.S (Clinical Solution) Skin & Body Treatment System that is specially developed by our dedicated team of qualified beauty experts of our R&D Team led by our co-founder, Dr Eileen Lee.

Our C.S Body Treatments triumph in integrating advanced medic-aesthetic scientific technology and clinically-proven treatment methodology with premium products, to deliver safe and positive satisfactory beauty results you need and desire.


Body Focus Treatments

  • LiposlimCare™ Body Slimming Treatment – NEW!
  • Powerlifting™ Bust-Lift Firming Treatment – NEW!
  • Hi-Precision BF Body Evaluation
  • BF Vibratory Therapy
  • BF Aerodynamic Transformation Program
  • BF System – Electro – Lipoysis
  • BF Therma-Lipolysis Therapy with Infra Red Ray Technology
  • BF Micro Derma Body Restructuring System
  • BF CelluActiv Frequency (RF) Body Treatment
  • BF CelluActiv Frequency (RF) Bust Firming Treatment
  • BF Bust Development Programme


Wellness Treatments

  • AromaSpa Body Massage
  • Detoxifying Tension Relief Treatment (for sore and tired legs)
  • Herbal Compress Therapy
  • TOUCHE™ Body Crystalline
  • Therapeutic Hydrobath Therapy
  • Aromatic Ear Bliss Candling
  • Aromatic Naval Candling Therapy
  • JQS Femme Therapeutic Massage