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Is there a so-called "Perfect Skin"?

The answer is NO. The experts acknowledge that there is no perfect skin and hence, beauty innovations are researched and tested to help treat, improve, recover and maintain the beauty aspects of our desired skin conditions. The main culprits to skin imperfection are environmental factors, lifestyle, emotional stressors, hormonal changes, ageing, health and negligence or ignorance of proper skin care.
In this debut of our beauty insights, let's look at the beauty facts of our skin. The highlights here will be on the important components of skin that have effects on the beauty aspects of our appearance.

Skin Deep - Know Your Beauty Facts
The skin is a complex structure that comprises 3 main layers - the Epidermis, Dermis and Subcutaneous tissue, and each layer has distinctive functions to maintain overall skin health..
Let's now look at few of the common causation of skin problems from within the skin structure.
(Please see diagram below for skin structure)

The Culprit to Dull, Uneven Skin Tone - Dead Skin Cells
The top layers of the epidermis consists of dead skin cells which for normal healthy skin, takes approximately 28 days to complete its renewal process; to shed away the old layers naturally. Ageing, lifestyle and emotional stressors will slow down this renewal process hence, you will see duller or uneven skin tone on aged or fatigue skin due to accumulation of surface old dead skin cells and the sluggish renewal process.

The Risks of Hyper-Pigmentation Skin Problems - Melanin
Another beauty protective cell found in the epidermis is the Melanocytes. Melanocytes produce a dark pigment called melanin which determines our skin colour and serve as a natural and autoUV protection to our skin. This is why when you are exposed to the sun, your skin will get darken. Sun exposures with insufficient sun protection may trigger irregular pigmentation and discolouration problems for the skin. When damages occurred, the melanin will progressively surface itself to the outer layers of the skin; which we commonly called it hyper-pigmentation skin problems. This problem may also be present when there are hormonal changes in our body due to pregnancy and or certain medication courses. Sometimes, we may not be aware of under-brewing hyper-pigmentation problems before the large patches of melanin surfaced. We will need an advanced skin diagnostic equipment to determine if there is this underlying threat.

The Fuels of Youthful Skin - Collagen and Elastin
The fuels of youthful skin are found in the dermis layer of your skin and found in the connective tissues and the elastic fibres. They are collagen and elastin which determines your skin's firmness, suppleness and contour. Collagen pack and bind our skin structure to give a firm and youthful face contour and Elastin, in the other hand, is the factor which determine our skin elasticity and suppleness. These two goes hand in hand to curb skin sagginess, wrinkles, expression lines, sunken cheeks and sunken eye sockets problems. In order to look young and refreshed, skin rejuvenation to stimulate the collagen and elastin synthesis is needed.

The Skin Balancing Warriors - Sweat Glands and Sebaceous Glands
The sweat glands and the sebaceous glands play important part in balancing our skin pH level to defend skin from external bacteria's infection, balancing hydration and moisturizing and protecting our skin. There are 2 types of sweat glands – one is the apocrine glands that are found in areas that have dense hair follicles like armpits, scalp and groin areas. These glands reacted to emotional stressors to secret a fatty fluid that produces odours when bacterial breakdown take place. Hygiene care is essential as the fatty fluids may clog the hair follicles and the sweat glands resulted in pimples or acne, when infected. The other group of sweat glands is the eccrine glands that are all over the body. Their main function is to regulate the temperature, hydrate our skin and balance internal bodily fluids and electrolytes.

When we talk about oily skin, the sebaceous glands are the controllers. These glands secrete an oily lipid known as sebum. Sebum secretion onto our skin surface moisturise our skin and hair, however, abnormal excessive secretion will result in oily scalp and greasy skin conditions. Under this circumstance, bacterial breakdown process and clogged pores will give you skin infections like pimples and acne. Sebaceous glands are most active during puberty period due to the activeness of androgen hormones. However, this problem will also happen to mature adults due to health and emotional stressors that may affect hormonal balance in our body.

What Our Expert Has to Say...
Understanding the underlying factors of how the different components can affect our skin is a good start to give your skin the right attention! However, by guessing or looking in the mirror or even touching and feeling it with your fingers is not the accurate way to determine what your skin needs. A thorough & intensive skin diagnosis to access your skin is highly recommended. This is the preliminary and vital step to really recognize your current skin condition, before deciding on the right beauty regime to treat the problems or prevent further damage.

This detailed skin examination, usually conducted by a beauty specialist, look into the present condition of your skin to analyse the future possibilities. An advanced skin diagnostic tool that can intensify into the dermis layer of your skin to identify strength of your elastin, collagen, melanin distribution, sebum secretion, hydration level etc. will be the most ideal. We recommend Hi-Precision DermaMap Skin Diagnosis which is able to cover these areas and more.

Hi-Precision DermaMap Skin Diagnosis uses a revolutionary diagnostic technology with high-tech sensor & high level visual effect, to measure and diagnose your skin from the epidermis to the sub-cutaneous layer. It provides you with high definition, comprehensive & accurate skin diagnosis with detailed and precise results charts.

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